Episode 1: Lets Agree to Disagree

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Why does Marvel hate Peter Parker?

WARNING: spoilers ahead for the comic “The Amazing Spider-man: issues 698-700.


I recently caught up on my comics, specifically my tri-monthly dose of the Amazing Spider-man. I realize the comic business does the things it does for shock and awe so it can garner more money. I even admit what I’m about to rage about is fan boyish. But for the fucking life of me I cannot understand why the people at Marvel Comics hate Peter Parker!

Let me step back a moment and explain. In the story arc of amazing Spider-man 698-700, we have a sick Doc Ock in an iron lung in jail about to die at any moment. However, the good doctor does not go without a fight. He mentally gets one of his robotic octo drones to pinch Peter Parkers nervous system and somehow switch minds ala freaky Friday. So far so good, a little bit of goofy science and a movie plot that’s been done to death but nothing rage inducing.

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