The Power of Playstation 4

duelshock4Guess what everybody… The Playstation 4 was announced today! Yeah it’s not really a surprise to anyone who follows the gaming industry, but still quite some exciting news. This is Sony’s time to shine and if they don’t trip, this could be an amazing system launch, especially since it could be launching the same year as the next xbox. Here are some of the things I’ve found out that I am excited for:

  • Infamous Second Son
  • killzone Shadow Fall
  • WatchDogs
  • Playstation 4 releases holiday 2013!
  • PS4 controller share button to record anything on screen and instantly upload it.
  • Crazy ass tech specs has all the info such as specs and what not, so I recommend checking it out. I posted some videos below for trailers and ps4 info.

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