The Angry Koopa

In honor of the websites namesake, i’m going to rage out a little bit.

I bought Dead Space 3 on February 5th and my fiance’ bought Sly Cooper for me the same day. I played a little bit of both and decided to keep playing through Sly 4 till I got the Platinum trophies since I knew I would be able to achieve it. Also, I want to be immersed in Dead Space, so I wanted Sly finished before I really committed.

The Angry Koopa

Two weeks later I finished Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and acquired all the trophies. The next day I started on Dead Space. We go out to the mall the next day, enter Gamestop, low and behold Dead Space 3 is $40 now. I’m all for price drops, it just peeves me off that it happened so soon. Dead Space 3 is not a bad game, it’s not a game you would think would drop so fast. I want to buy Metal Gear Rising now, but hell if they’re just going to drop prices after two weeks, I’ll just play the wait and see game. The worst part is that I didn’t get to really play it the first two weeks because I was so busy with Sly Cooper….I blame Sassy-Phoenix ūüėČ

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The Power of Playstation 4

duelshock4Guess what everybody… The Playstation 4 was announced today! Yeah it’s not really a surprise to anyone who follows the gaming industry, but still quite some exciting news. This is Sony’s time to shine and if they don’t trip, this could be an amazing system launch, especially since it could be launching the same year as the next xbox. Here are some of the things I’ve found out that I am excited for:

  • Infamous Second Son
  • killzone Shadow Fall
  • WatchDogs
  • Playstation 4 releases holiday 2013!
  • PS4 controller share button to record anything on screen and instantly upload it.
  • Crazy ass tech specs has all the info such as specs and what not, so I recommend checking it out. I posted some videos below for trailers and ps4 info.

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Sly Koopa

Hello all, I want to take a moment to explain why I personally haven’t been posting as much. First off thanks to AriesKnight for picking up the slack. Anyway, I’m head first into graduating this year. Also I recently got a job working as a web designer. So between me interning and building someones website for free, and me working at a job on different websites, I’ve unfortunately¬† had to neglect my website. Anyway back on topic.

SlyCooperI’ve recently got the platinum for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Two Platinums because the vita version comes free when you buy the Playstaion 3 version. The game is really good. For two straight weeks I played this game and enjoyed every minute of it. The best part was I used my vita as an AR treasure finder when playing on PS3, and when my lady wanted to watch T.V., I could continue the story on the vita. Also the fact that this game released at 40 dollars makes it a no brainer. I can not praise it enough. There really aren’t many platformer games these days and the new Sly Cooper is ¬†top notch. I never played the original three, but when I get time, I will definitely¬†be picking up the HD collection…and get those platinums too!

I could go into detail about the mechanics, gameplay, etc, but I’m sure you have other websites that have already told you. I will say I highly recommend ¬†Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. especially for anyone missing the days of platformers from the Playstation/Playstation2 era.




The Valentine Massacre

Happy Valentine’s Day my fellow geeks and nerds. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching I wanted to write something to celebrate the holiday. Now I could be like everyone else and talk about the greatest video game romances such as Mario and Peach, Link and Zelda, or comics such as Spider-man and MJ, Superman and Lois, and Batman and….Robin? but as anyone who follows knows I don’t like to stick to tradition or rehash what everyone already knows.

Instead I’m going to talk about some characters I think need some love in their life. The ones that don’t have that princess always waiting in another castle.

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Grenade Dodgeball!!

U3GDimageSassy-Phoenix and I have been playing a new game type in Uncharted 3 called Grenade Dodgeball. It’s in the lab playlist if you want to try it out. It consist of two teams on opposite sides of a flat red and blue field with a wall up in the middle. The only way to score kills is to lobe grenades over and kill your opponents. A simple concept with tons of strategy. The grenades spawn on the field and you can pick them up as you run over them, but there are pillars to the left and right that spawn mega bombs and cluster grenades if you choose to climb up and grab. Also people can¬†throw your grenades back and you and vise-versa. This makes it especially tricky when a grenade is coming at you and you’re not sure if you can throw it back or not because the grenades can only be returned once.

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To my brothers from a different color mother

Ah Febuary! The time of the year were we celebrate groundhogs, dead presidents, black people, and Valentines day. So what better way to start off the month then celebrating my brothers from a different color mother. When I play games online, I always pick “the black guy”. That one token man that brings laughter, wit, and badass-ness to the table. I don’t know why I always pick the black guy, maybe I like to be diverse since I’m a white guy and I already know what that’s like. When I play left 4 Dead, I’m Luis. When I play Ghostbusters, I’m Winston. In Gears of War I’m the Cole Train baby! ¬†Giving the chance in Transformers Iplay as Jazz bitches. In Street Fighter I like my fight money” Barlog. Hell, when I play Spider-man I like using the black suit. I’m sure the list would go on if I think far enough back.

ZasalamelIf I had to give an award to most bad ass black dude, it’d probably go to Zasalamel from the Soul Calibur series. Just look at this guy,¬†¬†He could kill just by looking at you much less using his GIANT..ASS…SCYTHE. Oh and F*&$ you Namco for not putting him in Soul Calibur 5… assholes.

Anyway this is to you my dark brethren. Thanks for the good times, Sorry about that whole slavery thing, and most of all, thanks for peanut butter.

…don’t worry ladies, I’m getting to your day next.valentines-day


P.S. This was meant as a fun recognition post. Everyone stay calm.

Top 5: Online games that need more love

The last few weeks AriesKnight and I have been playing Ghostbusters online. What I’ve realized while playing is unfortunately it’s a dying game. This made me think of other dying games that I love and wish they weren’t in their dying state. Below are five games which are dying online and I think you should give them some attention.

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