The Official Zelda Time Line is WRONG!

So there is something I wanted to write about for a while, but haven’t because it’s a bit complicated. It is so complicated because it involves….well time travel.

Nintendo officially released the Legend of Zelda time line to the masses. This is old news, however, they just recently released the book that contained the timeline to America. The Zelda time line claims to split into three time lines from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. These three paths areOcarina-of-Time-Link

  1. Link defeating Ganon after his rise to power
  2. Link as a child before Ganon rised to power
  3. and…. Link failing in his quest (dead as a door knob)

Nintendo says three time lines, those are it. I say nay IMPOSSIBLE!

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To my brothers from a different color mother

Ah Febuary! The time of the year were we celebrate groundhogs, dead presidents, black people, and Valentines day. So what better way to start off the month then celebrating my brothers from a different color mother. When I play games online, I always pick “the black guy”. That one token man that brings laughter, wit, and badass-ness to the table. I don’t know why I always pick the black guy, maybe I like to be diverse since I’m a white guy and I already know what that’s like. When I play left 4 Dead, I’m Luis. When I play Ghostbusters, I’m Winston. In Gears of War I’m the Cole Train baby!  Giving the chance in Transformers Iplay as Jazz bitches. In Street Fighter I like my fight money” Barlog. Hell, when I play Spider-man I like using the black suit. I’m sure the list would go on if I think far enough back.

ZasalamelIf I had to give an award to most bad ass black dude, it’d probably go to Zasalamel from the Soul Calibur series. Just look at this guy,  He could kill just by looking at you much less using his GIANT..ASS…SCYTHE. Oh and F*&$ you Namco for not putting him in Soul Calibur 5… assholes.

Anyway this is to you my dark brethren. Thanks for the good times, Sorry about that whole slavery thing, and most of all, thanks for peanut butter.

…don’t worry ladies, I’m getting to your day next.valentines-day


P.S. This was meant as a fun recognition post. Everyone stay calm.

The Co Op-Competitive Conundrum

I was jumping through a few games tonight playing online in various modes and had an urge to write something about co-op and competitive multiplayer game modes. I really find myself liking co-op a hell of a lot more than competitive. I don’t always have a lot of time to dedicate to one game, nor do I really want to. I like jumping around, playing different things often. I just don’t have the patience to play call of duty for 30+ hours just so I can compete with some middle schoolers who have nothing but free time.splintercell

When I think of my favorite gaming moments, they always have to do with working with friends to overcome the AI. The best examples I can think of are Left 4 Dead, Gears of War series, Saints Row the third, Resistance 3, Splinter cell Conviction, Resident Evil 5, Ninja Gaiden 3, and Borderlands 2. All Games that have in my opinion great co-op. The Gears of War series has a co-op story, but Horde mode blows the competitive part out of the water. Ninja Gaiden 3 while not everyone’s cup of tea was a blast to join another fellow Ninja and take on waves of enemies to fight to the death. The other games I listed either have a co-op story or some other type of co-op mode made specifically for the players to work together.

Two racing games I really enjoy, Burnout Paradise and Need for Speed: Most Wanted have this online component where you can race online if you want, or you and seven other friends can drive around anywhere doing challenges together or just messing around. Open world car games at their finest. I really like this approach instead of having to race people and be competitive if I go online.

Now not to be confused, I do like playing competitive. I enjoy Call of Duty Black Ops, Halo, Killzone, Playstation All-Stars, etc. It’s just I feel like there is a fine line between enjoying one’s self and tossing the game because you don’t stand a chance.  Call of Duty specifically, I hold my own all right, but there are some players that blow my mind with how good they play, then I see their player card and have 7 days’ worth of playing. I’d be awesome to if I spent a full week of my life in a game.COD

Honestly, the only game series I like the competitive multiplayer better is Uncharted. I like the co-op, it just feel like there isn’t enough there. The co-op adventures are nice but short and why are survival waves limited to ten? Make it like gears where some friends and I have to fight through 50 waves or better yet, make it endless.

I’m probably wrong, but I feel like there needs to be two rooms for players. One for players who have played the game under 24 hours, and another room for the 24+ hours. Give or take some hours, I don’t have it down to a science. I feel like this would separate the players that jump on occasional to play with the hardcore of the hardcore players.


This is why I shy away from fighting games. I want to play with people and have fun, but I don’t want to lose every time and I don’t have the time to invest into one fighting game like some people. I’m barely able to hold my own in Playstation All-stars, if you want to count that as a fighter.

Anyway that’s just my thoughts about the multiplayer aspect of games. Let me know your fond memories or hit me up online at KoopaKingJr87 and we’ll make some new ones.

New Year, New Outlook

So it’s been a while. I haven’t written in a very long time, but between getting engaged, helping family, and getting ready to finish school, where does one find the time. Well hopefully I’ll be making time. I really want to start writing at least once a week again. AriesKnight and I have also been kicking around ideas for a video show for this site and youtube (Ideas are always welcome). Just remember the more feedback and views the more content we can deliver.nerd_rage

Anyway, a little bit of gaming talk before I sign off.

  • This year wasn’t to stellar for gaming overall.
  • Games were either overhyped or underhyped.
  • I’m still not ready for a new generation of consoles.
  • I love my Vita!
  • Playstation All Stars is fun but broken as hell at times.
  • AriesKnight and I really are the dream team online.
  • The Will U is too little too late.
  • My Fiance is kicking ass  in games now 🙂
  • My favorite Games this year were Borderlands 2, Transformers Fall of Cybertron, Sonic Racing Transformed, Playstation All Stars, SSX, and lollipop Chainsaw.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years….Well, mostly everyone.

Rise of the Girlfriend!

My gaming success have been around since I first started playing video games. The first games I ever beat was Super Mario Bros. 3 followed by Kirby’s Adventure. Mario’s world 8 was a test of patience and strategy. Questions like when should I use my P leaf and stars were present through most of the sections of world 8. Since then I’ve had self goals to beat my games whether it’s to see the credits role or just to run a collect-a-thon. I’ve beat some of the hardest games such as Ninja Gaiden on the Nintendo, Ninja Gaiden on the xbox, F-zero GX, All golds on Split/second, and countless other games.

Talking about all this self satisfaction glory has a point though.

My girlfriend can whoop my ass in Tiny Wings and Dragon, Fly. Two simple little games on the iphone store and android store that involve you trying to get a certain distance by using the momentoum of the hills to lift yourself up. There isn’t really an end; just go for the high score. As someone who competes with friends in racing, fighting, or any other games. It baffles me that my sweet girlfriend who just of late has been getting into games can massacre my scores on such simple games. “I’ve been doing this for over 20 years”, I think to myself. “You’re suppose to be a noob.”

She doesn’t just beat my scores either, she completely dominates them. No matter what I do or how hard I try, I cannot begin to get to the scores she has. We go back and forth. Usually, I beat hers and over the next few days she’ll beat my score back. As of now though, there’s little hope. She had one glorious day and just shattered all my scores by miles.

I’m proud though…I’m proud that games have opened up to different people to enjoy, I’m proud the closeted geek isn’t always supperior, but most of all, I’m proud of my girlfriend for whooping my ass.

It doesn’t matter much anyway, because I’ll whoop her ass in Marvel vs. Capcom later! Peace.