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Evolutions the Solution if you’re gonna win

Hello everyone, due to the great response we’ve had lately, we’re pushing the move to an updated site from May to this Month. What does this mean? Well if you have subscribed, please visit us at ragingamerz.com again in about a week to resubscribe. We’re moving away from WordPress.com, so sadly this means we’ll loose many followers.

The site’s appearance wont look to drastic, it’s mostly backdoor things for our authors. Also with a new site comes new Authors. I’m happy to have the connections we’ve made and look forward to the future articles our writers write.
You’ll notice some changes visually to the website, and I hope you enjoy them. We will eventually have our own custom art in the coming months. Also with this change out podcast are able to be placed right on our website.

As I said, please come back in a week to resubscribe if you aren’t already. If you haven’t at all, we would love to add you to the family.


Episode 1: Lets Agree to Disagree

Welcome! We hope you enjoy our first episode of our new Podcast. We are having limitations on our website with audio files, but you can click the link below to go straight to the podcast and listen and/or download. Let us know what you think and don’t worry….they can only get better!

Click Here to go the to podcast.koopa

The Official Zelda Time Line is WRONG!

So there is something I wanted to write about for a while, but haven’t because it’s a bit complicated. It is so complicated because it involves….well time travel.

Nintendo officially released the Legend of Zelda time line to the masses. This is old news, however, they just recently released the book that contained the timeline to America. The Zelda time line claims to split into three time lines from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. These three paths areOcarina-of-Time-Link

  1. Link defeating Ganon after his rise to power
  2. Link as a child before Ganon rised to power
  3. and…. Link failing in his quest (dead as a door knob)

Nintendo says three time lines, those are it. I say nay IMPOSSIBLE!

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The Angry Koopa

In honor of the websites namesake, i’m going to rage out a little bit.

I bought Dead Space 3 on February 5th and my fiance’ bought Sly Cooper for me the same day. I played a little bit of both and decided to keep playing through Sly 4 till I got the Platinum trophies since I knew I would be able to achieve it. Also, I want to be immersed in Dead Space, so I wanted Sly finished before I really committed.

The Angry Koopa

Two weeks later I finished Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and acquired all the trophies. The next day I started on Dead Space. We go out to the mall the next day, enter Gamestop, low and behold Dead Space 3 is $40 now. I’m all for price drops, it just peeves me off that it happened so soon. Dead Space 3 is not a bad game, it’s not a game you would think would drop so fast. I want to buy Metal Gear Rising now, but hell if they’re just going to drop prices after two weeks, I’ll just play the wait and see game. The worst part is that I didn’t get to really play it the first two weeks because I was so busy with Sly Cooper….I blame Sassy-Phoenix ūüėČ

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Sony loyalty = $$$$$


The message I recieved from Sony

Well gamers today I¬†was pleasantly¬†surprised with a gift from our friends at Sony. I hooked my PS3 back up after an extended period playing Fable 2 on my 360 to discover that I had a message. The message was indicating that I was being given a voucher to redeem for $10¬†to use on the PSN store. Naturally I initially¬†thought it was total bullshit. Koopa and myself used to get this all the time from friends and random people as chain messages telling us if we sent it to 50 other people Sony would give us $50. What surprised me was that the sender was PSN and the reason for the voucher was for my loyalty as a PSN customer. The link on the message took me directly to the store and voila, there¬†in the store¬†it confirmed my $10. How freaking awesome is that? Seeing as how¬†I was looking to purchase¬†Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City for $4.99¬†pre-owned at BestBuy¬†I can potentially¬†invest the $10 towards one of the DLC packs, a¬†PSN game¬†or¬†finally get¬†Harley Quinn’s¬†Revenge¬†for Arkham¬†City. The choices are abundant and what makes spending the money even¬†better was that it was given to me. Free money is the best kind of money! Thanks for reading, leave a comment at your leisure, check your¬†PSN¬†messages and as always game on gamerz!psn

The Frugal Gamer

Hello¬†fellow gamers¬†I thought I would start¬†this new segment to bring some attention to some¬†really great deals available¬†in both¬†retail outlets¬†and online. I chose frugal because the word “cheap” just¬†has such a negative connotation¬†to it. My purpose for creating this¬†segment¬†was to reach out to like-minded¬†gamers such as myself who enjoy gaming but would rather not spend $60 a pop for every new release that comes out. As gaming has become more and more expensive I’ve had to really curb my spending habits and I’m¬†sure a lot of you can relate to that sentiment.¬†Let’s face it the economy isn’t in the greatest shape right now and every dollar you spend has to count.Pink piggy bank surrounded by stacks of gold coins.¬†Does that mean that¬†our beloved¬†hobby has to take such¬†a critical hit?¬†The answer is NO!¬†What it’s going to¬†take on our part however¬†is a little¬†patience (waiting on prices to drop or sales)¬†and some real bargain hunting to get the most for¬†our dollar. As I have changed my spending habits and as my gaming habits have changed¬†I’ve also discovered some really great games I passed on before like Fable II & III both of which I will list in regards to location and¬†price below.

Play N Trade & GameStop

  • Fable 2 $2.99 0r $14.99(Platinum Edition) pre-owned¬†Xbox360
  • Fable 3 $8.99 pre-owned¬†Xbox360
  • Crackdown $2.99 pre-owned¬†Xbox360


  • Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City¬† $4.99 pre-owned¬†¬† PS3 & Xbox360
  • Max Payne 3 $14.99 pre-owned¬† PS3 & Xbox360
  • BulletStorm $1.99 pre-owned¬† PS3 & Xbox360
  • For more listings check BestBuy’s website under weekly deals

PSN & XboxLive

  • Alien Breed all three installments $4.99 each (PSN) 400 MSP (Live)
  • Vanquish is Free on (PSN) to Plus members only

Well that’s pretty much what I’ve come across so far. My goal is to put this out at least twice a month or as really great deals come my way. Hope this helps and if you come across a really great¬†deal drop me a comment about it. Game on gamerz!