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Evolutions the Solution if you’re gonna win

Hello everyone, due to the great response we’ve had lately, we’re pushing the move to an updated site from May to this Month. What does this mean? Well if you have subscribed, please visit us at ragingamerz.com again in about a week to resubscribe. We’re moving away from WordPress.com, so sadly this means we’ll loose many followers.

The site’s appearance wont look to drastic, it’s mostly backdoor things for our authors. Also with a new site comes new Authors. I’m happy to have the connections we’ve made and look forward to the future articles our writers write.
You’ll notice some changes visually to the website, and I hope you enjoy them. We will eventually have our own custom art in the coming months. Also with this change out podcast are able to be placed right on our website.

As I said, please come back in a week to resubscribe if you aren’t already. If you haven’t at all, we would love to add you to the family.


Episode 1: Lets Agree to Disagree

Welcome! We hope you enjoy our first episode of our new Podcast. We are having limitations on our website with audio files, but you can click the link below to go straight to the podcast and listen and/or download. Let us know what you think and don’t worry….they can only get better!

Click Here to go the to podcast.koopa