The Official Zelda Time Line is WRONG!

So there is something I wanted to write about for a while, but haven’t because it’s a bit complicated. It is so complicated because it involves….well time travel.

Nintendo officially released the Legend of Zelda time line to the masses. This is old news, however, they just recently released the book that contained the timeline to America. The Zelda time line claims to split into three time lines from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. These three paths areOcarina-of-Time-Link

  1. Link defeating Ganon after his rise to power
  2. Link as a child before Ganon rised to power
  3. and…. Link failing in his quest (dead as a door knob)

Nintendo says three time lines, those are it. I say nay IMPOSSIBLE!

For you see,  time line 2 only happens because timeline 1 happened. However, the 3rd time line takes place because link failed, game over, so if that was the case, time line 1 and 2 would have never happened. Now we can say that there are alternate universes where in one universe link succeeded and caused a split timeline to happen and in another Universe he flat out failed, but in no way can time line 3 take place in the same universe as timeline 1 and 2.

Let me attempt to make this a bit more clear. Link, our hero, kills Ganon. 1st time line, so far so good. Because Link missed out on his childhood in order to stop Ganon, he is transported back in time as a child to warn Zelda of Ganon’s intentions before shit gets real. the 1st time line still exist, so now that Ganon was stopped, an alternate timeline takes place, which is the 2nd. So in what part does the 3rd take place? It doesn’t. If it did, the 1st timeline would never of happened creating the 2nd timeline. It has to be an alternate universe. In fact, for every time you die as the player you could be essentially creating an alternate universe, if you want to get technical.

I hope I could make your mind more clear about the Zelda time line and for those of you who have already figured it out before, congratulations, I salute you. Have your own ideas about how the timeline goes, let us know on our facebook page or comment below.

Alleged Time line below



One response to “The Official Zelda Time Line is WRONG!

  1. This is incorrect. Your idea of a timeline is the historical type, where one set of events happens and Link’s life during his seven-year slumber is filled in through a time jump. This is a split timeline, in which each of the branches of the timeline is not a result of a time jump, but is simply a possible outcome of Hylian history. And even if you wanted to stick with your idea, the timeline states that resurrection is possible, so Link himself could be resurrected. It’s also possible that in your timeline theory, timeline 3 occurs after timelines 1 and 2 through time jump. Though I may be using Doctor Who time travel logic.

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