The Frugal Gamer

Hello fellow gamers I thought I would start this new segment to bring some attention to some really great deals available in both retail outlets and online. I chose frugal because the word “cheap” just has such a negative connotation to it. My purpose for creating this segment was to reach out to like-minded gamers such as myself who enjoy gaming but would rather not spend $60 a pop for every new release that comes out. As gaming has become more and more expensive I’ve had to really curb my spending habits and I’m sure a lot of you can relate to that sentiment. Let’s face it the economy isn’t in the greatest shape right now and every dollar you spend has to count.Pink piggy bank surrounded by stacks of gold coins. Does that mean that our beloved hobby has to take such a critical hit? The answer is NO! What it’s going to take on our part however is a little patience (waiting on prices to drop or sales) and some real bargain hunting to get the most for our dollar. As I have changed my spending habits and as my gaming habits have changed I’ve also discovered some really great games I passed on before like Fable II & III both of which I will list in regards to location and price below.

Play N Trade & GameStop

  • Fable 2 $2.99 0r $14.99(Platinum Edition) pre-owned Xbox360
  • Fable 3 $8.99 pre-owned Xbox360
  • Crackdown $2.99 pre-owned Xbox360


  • Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City  $4.99 pre-owned   PS3 & Xbox360
  • Max Payne 3 $14.99 pre-owned  PS3 & Xbox360
  • BulletStorm $1.99 pre-owned  PS3 & Xbox360
  • For more listings check BestBuy’s website under weekly deals

PSN & XboxLive

  • Alien Breed all three installments $4.99 each (PSN) 400 MSP (Live)
  • Vanquish is Free on (PSN) to Plus members only

Well that’s pretty much what I’ve come across so far. My goal is to put this out at least twice a month or as really great deals come my way. Hope this helps and if you come across a really great deal drop me a comment about it. Game on gamerz!


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