Sony loyalty = $$$$$


The message I recieved from Sony

Well gamers today I was pleasantly surprised with a gift from our friends at Sony. I hooked my PS3 back up after an extended period playing Fable 2 on my 360 to discover that I had a message. The message was indicating that I was being given a voucher to redeem for $10 to use on the PSN store. Naturally I initially thought it was total bullshit. Koopa and myself used to get this all the time from friends and random people as chain messages telling us if we sent it to 50 other people Sony would give us $50. What surprised me was that the sender was PSN and the reason for the voucher was for my loyalty as a PSN customer. The link on the message took me directly to the store and voila, there in the store it confirmed my $10. How freaking awesome is that? Seeing as how I was looking to purchase Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City for $4.99 pre-owned at BestBuy I can potentially invest the $10 towards one of the DLC packs, a PSN game or finally get Harley Quinn’s Revenge for Arkham City. The choices are abundant and what makes spending the money even better was that it was given to me. Free money is the best kind of money! Thanks for reading, leave a comment at your leisure, check your PSN messages and as always game on gamerz!psn


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