Supernatural: The Video Game………..when?

I can’t honestly say that outside of Buffy The Vampire Slayer I’ve played a “good” game based on a television program. The first game was phenomenal with its gameplay, graphics and combat system. The second however lacked a bit in the combat department, but was better in terms of  narrative and having additional characters to play as. Supernatural has been a favorite show of mine since it first premiered in 2005 on the then dying network the WB.

supernatural logo

It wasn’t until about the third and fourth season that I started to see the potential of the show as a video game.  I would imagine the hardest thing when adapting a show or film is choosing what kind of genre to fit it into. In the case of Supernatural I am sure most fans and gamers would agree with me that survival horror is the best approach.After playing Resident Evil 6 I initially thought it to be the perfect template for a game based around Supernatural that was until I played Alan Wake on my Xbox 360. Alan Wake’s episodic format played out more like a television show utilizing plot devices such as cliffhangers and recap sequences. The game’s look and atmosphere also displays why it directly fits in within the mythos of Supernatural. sn06-ca-0001All I can say is you have to play Alan Wake to see exactly the things that I am talking about. Also a few of elements which I feel lend themselves well to a video game adaptation are things like Samuel Colt’s gun and Ruby’s knife both of which have been shown to kill demons. Music is another aspect that played into Alan Wake through out the course of the game and is another crucial component of Supernatural’s appeal. Of course that’s not to say I wouldn’t incorporate certain elements from RE 6 such as its hand to hand combat, inventory system, gunplay and weapons customization.A good mix of all the best qualities of each title while using Alan Wake as its template for gameplay would make a terrific game within the survival horror genre.So what do you guys think? I’m curious to know what you think and to hear what other suggestions or ideas you may have. As per usual please leave your comments below and who knows maybe somebody sitting in a position of power to do something just might be reading this blog. Game on gamerz!


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