Good, bad im the guy with blog.

Can a game, movie or book be considered bad simply because a few say it is and most people(fans,consumers) universally accept it as such? I like to think that when it comes to my personal tastes and interests I don’t fall in line with the majority. I don’t like reviews much and try to keep from writing them myself. Usually even when I don’t like a game I still encourage the few readers I do have to go and try the game for themselves and maybe share their thoughts with me. I simply feel that tastes are completely subjective in that what one person may find terrible another will see it as great. That’s where I take issue with reviewers sometimes. I don’t like the idea of someone telling me or anyone for that matter what is good or bad. I want to see or try for myself before I make a judgement on it. Anything I’ve done here on Raging Gamers has been about my personal gaming experiences and in no way trying to influence what you as a reader should see as good or bad.


A good example of this is my most recent purchase of Konami’s Blades of Time. It’s been called from mediocre to bad by most gaming websites, but the premise still had me intrigued. So I actually tried the demo on my Xbox 360 and really enjoyed it. I didn’t see all the fuss or issues that most of the so-called “professional” reviewers were complaining about. That’s another thing that irks me, what the hell makes them professional? Aside from a possible journalism degree they are no more professional than I am when it comes to gaming as a hobby. Anyway back to Blades of Time. So Koopa and I hit the ol’ GameStop and I had my sights set on BOT and a copy of Crackdown for the 360. Koopa found me a copy of Crackdown for a mere $2.99 and bought a copy for himself. I then asked the associate at the counter if he had a new or used copy of Blades of Time for the PS3 and his reply was, “You don’t want that game it’s crap.” My reply to the associate was, “Well I’ve played the demo and I like the game so if  you could grab me a copy I would appreciate it.” I’m proud of myself because that interaction could have gone differently and a lot worse.

In my case as little as possible.

In my case as little as possible.

Just who in the hell was this idiot of an associate to tell me what I wanted or didn’t want? I worked for 2 1/2 years at GameStop as an assistant manager and in all my time there I never once insulted anyones’ tastes or interests by thinking I knew better than the customers. Now to be fair im sure in his feeble mind he thought he was saving me money and frustration with the purchase. He is however not the final authority on what is good or bad so his statement came off as very condescending.  Needless to say I went home played Blades of Time and found it to be an enjoyable game despite what reviewers or what a certain GameStop employee may think. The moral is simply enjoy what you like and don’t let the media in any form dictate to you what is good or bad. Be the judge for yourself. Share your thoughts below and as always game on gamerz!


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