To my brothers from a different color mother

Ah Febuary! The time of the year were we celebrate groundhogs, dead presidents, black people, and Valentines day. So what better way to start off the month then celebrating my brothers from a different color mother. When I play games online, I always pick “the black guy”. That one token man that brings laughter, wit, and badass-ness to the table. I don’t know why I always pick the black guy, maybe I like to be diverse since I’m a white guy and I already know what that’s like. When I play left 4 Dead, I’m Luis. When I play Ghostbusters, I’m Winston. In Gears of War I’m the Cole Train baby!  Giving the chance in Transformers Iplay as Jazz bitches. In Street Fighter I like my fight money” Barlog. Hell, when I play Spider-man I like using the black suit. I’m sure the list would go on if I think far enough back.

ZasalamelIf I had to give an award to most bad ass black dude, it’d probably go to Zasalamel from the Soul Calibur series. Just look at this guy,  He could kill just by looking at you much less using his GIANT..ASS…SCYTHE. Oh and F*&$ you Namco for not putting him in Soul Calibur 5… assholes.

Anyway this is to you my dark brethren. Thanks for the good times, Sorry about that whole slavery thing, and most of all, thanks for peanut butter.

…don’t worry ladies, I’m getting to your day next.valentines-day


P.S. This was meant as a fun recognition post. Everyone stay calm.


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