50 Waves of Horde you say? We got this!

We finally did it! AriesKnight and myself along with our friend, RedSmooth, beat 50 waves of Horde in Gears of War 3.  Now before you “experts” go and say, “no big deal.” or “I’ve done that multiply times.” let me tell you a a story. One filled with blood, sweat, determination, and team work that only Raging Gamers could tell.


Like most of our games, we start out with five people. By wave 20 we lose our two random people either because they don’t like the map selection or aren’t getting enough kills. I don’t know the exact reason. I just know we leave negative feedback on anyone that screws us over. So by wave 20 it’s AriesKnight, RedSmooth, and myself. We don’t come across problems until about wave 35. The three of us are fighting for our lives. One of the biggest advantages we have is that between AriesKnight and myself, we have a sixth sense when it comes to working together. We’ve played multiply types of games together to know each others play styles and and know what each other is going to do before we do it. As for making it to wave 50, with the eagle eye precision of AriesKnight and his Torque Bow ( Bow & Arrow), Red Smooth and his explosive ingenuity, and my mechanical ability to keep the SilverBack (giant ass robot) functioning, we each brought a skill set that complimented each other even without the extra two men we’re down by. Once wave 50 arrived. I had us in a corner funneling enemies toward us and AriesKnight set us up a row of enemy shields to protect us from gun fire. RedSmooth delivered the final blow to the final Locust enemy and after four hours of none stop shooting, we finally did it.

We try to be pretty modest when we achieve a goal in our games, but this one is different. it doesn’t matter that it was only a ten point achievement. It could have been worth nothing. The fact that we not only completed it, but did it with two men short makes it one of our biggest gaming achievements. We did it on normal difficulty, with three people, and we did it in one shot from wave 1 to 50. We challenge you to do better. Until then my raging gamers.



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