A Love Story by Sassy-Phoenix

Listen up nerds! just kidding, however I have a special blog post from my fiance’ and would like to share it with you.

I present to you, Sassy-Phoenixlove gamer

“Video gamers are people I’ve never fully been able to understand. That was until I got with my fiance. He’s one of those gamers who has been playing video games since he was literally able to. Every system you can think of since the 80’s, he has and they are still completely playable and well taken care of.

Back to the point, since I’ve been with him, I have come to really understand what a gamers thoughts are like and how they act with the games or who they play with. It is a very good tool for expressing your anger. My fiance uses this tool very much and whilst sometimes it is scary for people around him when he’s angry, it helps. I much rather him take his anger out on a game and punching the bed than any other way. Oh, and if you have a boyfriend who has games he must platinum, let him do it and leave him alone. I learned that lesson a while ago. My fiance can get so incredibly mad about not being able to get pass a stage or something, but he will not give up until he gets it. Even if it does take forever and it makes him mad, it’s worth it, because he will be so relaxed afterward. I honestly admire him for sticking with it because I would have just given up. Another small note, NEVER tell a gamer, especially in a serious mood, to “calm down,” or “it’s just a game.” They know, but you saying that isn’t going to help, just be quiet and wait for them to calm down.
I have also come to notice there are a couple different type of gamers.

– The relaxed gamer – the one who plays just to play. Doesn’t care if they lose or win a bunch. It’s just a game to them, literally, one who has a social life.

– The aggressive gamer – the one who plays to win, who is good at every game they play, who is always on their console, who brings out the aggressiveness in others, who only goes to work & home, no social life.

– The original gamer – the one who likes to play & have fun with friends, actually knows about the games their playing, one who is well-balanced between gaming and reality, one who has a life outside their console.

There may be more types, but these are the types I have met mostly through my fiance’s online friends. I can happily say he is the original gamer. He does his research on games, constantly reading about them, doesn’t just go with what others say, and very opinionated. That’s another thing that makes him original.”



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