Rise of the Girlfriend!

My gaming success have been around since I first started playing video games. The first games I ever beat was Super Mario Bros. 3 followed by Kirby’s Adventure. Mario’s world 8 was a test of patience and strategy. Questions like when should I use my P leaf and stars were present through most of the sections of world 8. Since then I’ve had self goals to beat my games whether it’s to see the credits role or just to run a collect-a-thon. I’ve beat some of the hardest games such as Ninja Gaiden on the Nintendo, Ninja Gaiden on the xbox, F-zero GX, All golds on Split/second, and countless other games.

Talking about all this self satisfaction glory has a point though.

My girlfriend can whoop my ass in Tiny Wings and Dragon, Fly. Two simple little games on the iphone store and android store that involve you trying to get a certain distance by using the momentoum of the hills to lift yourself up. There isn’t really an end; just go for the high score. As someone who competes with friends in racing, fighting, or any other games. It baffles me that my sweet girlfriend who just of late has been getting into games can massacre my scores on such simple games. “I’ve been doing this for over 20 years”, I think to myself. “You’re suppose to be a noob.”

She doesn’t just beat my scores either, she completely dominates them. No matter what I do or how hard I try, I cannot begin to get to the scores she has. We go back and forth. Usually, I beat hers and over the next few days she’ll beat my score back. As of now though, there’s little hope. She had one glorious day and just shattered all my scores by miles.

I’m proud though…I’m proud that games have opened up to different people to enjoy, I’m proud the closeted geek isn’t always supperior, but most of all, I’m proud of my girlfriend for whooping my ass.

It doesn’t matter much anyway, because I’ll whoop her ass in Marvel vs. Capcom later! Peace.


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