Hail to the King, but not the Duke

I bought Duke Nukem Forever at Walmart the other week for $10 new. You really do have to imagine it as an old game to enjoy it. It’s very archaic in looks and feel. The one thing it got panned for though, the comedy part, I actually liked and found myself chuckling at duke’s one liners. I beat the single player campaign but felt like I had to trudge through it. Multiplayer is awful. I attempted to play three matches and found it unplayable. I don’t know if it was a mode I played that was lack luster or maybe the people were just to skilled (at duke Nukem…really?) but it was unbearable. I almost have a platinum but I doubt I’m going to bother, it really just annoys a part of my brain. For 10 bucks it was an ok experience. I would of never paid more than $10 and will not pay $10 for the DLC that is out.

In other news I’m excited for Twisted Metal, SSX, and the Jak and Daxter collection next month. I Might have to wait on picking up Twisted Metal but most definitively the Jak and Daxter collection.


True Rage

There’s about a week left for my Christmas vacation before classes start so I’ve been gaming….ALOT. I’ve recently gotten the platinum trophies for Rayman Origins, God of War Origins collection, Dead Space, and I only need 4 more for Saints Row the Third. While that is a lot of trophies collected it does come with a negative, I have much rage. Hard trophies are hard and I’ve get to the point where I’m cussing out my tv telling Rayman and Kratos to go shove it. It’s to the point where my family and girlfriend look at me in fright as I turn red and lose my voice. While that is kind of lame to be yelling at games, it does do good. I take out my rage on objects and not people, I’m not breaking any controllers (too expensive now), and it eventually mellows me out after I finished…Kinda like sex I guess :p

Anyway, It feels good to complete a game, even if it is for nothing except self satisfaction. Raging out is silly for a game, but as people I believe we need to let aggression out on something, so raging at a television screen instead of a person is much better.