Heroes and Heralds

Hmm….Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Despite the lack of modes I really did like this game. Mostly just because I’m a Marvel Junkie. Then eight months later and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 came out. It brought 12 new characters and eight new stages, but still was lacking in features.

If you haven’t heard, Capcom is kind of greedy. Charging additional fees for character costumes  and even worse for other games of theirs like Street Fighter, Dead Rising, and Resident Evil. However I must admit that something new and more importantly FREE is coming to Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

Heroes and Heralds mode comes out Dec 19th for completely free. It’s a mode that has you pick heroes of your choosing or Galactus’ heralds which can be anybody made over with a Silver look. The best part is the virtual cards that you can use to change the game. you can pick three character specific cards that have different abilities to enhance your team. There are over a hundred cards that have art from Marvel and Capcom’s galleries.  It’s nice to see characters like anti-venom, megaman, and Professor X make cameo debuts despite not being directly controllable.

You can see all the cards HERE

I’ll being saving the Universe Dec 19th, will you?


GameS of the Year

So the Video Game Awards (VGAs) have came and passed and Skyrim won game of the year. The five games on the ballot were Skyrim, Batman: Arkham city, Portal 2, Uncharted 3, and Zelda Skyward Sword. Honestly I would of taken Zelda and Portal off the list and put Gears of War 3 and Dead Space 2 on there instead.  Then again I would made it more than 5 games listed. This year was really heavy with great games. I would of wanted Saints row the Third and Rayman origins on it as well.

Overall Though my game of the year would be Batman: Arkham City. Uncharted 3 was really good, but more of the same. If not Batman, Uncharted would be my game of the year. Batman however completely took the series from a closed linear world to an open city where you can do what you want. It really branched off into a direction that benefitted it and did enough change to not be stale.

There really are to many games to just decide to pick one. Thankfully I really don’t have to. The real point is all these games deserve praise and should be enjoyed.

Super Mario…In 3DEEEEE!

I was finally able to complete Super Mario 3D land and I got to say, it might be the hardest mario game I’ve ever played. you play through Worlds one through eight, but then come across another eight after you beat the game. Those are some of the hardest levels I’ve ever played in any Nintendo game. Honestly if I didn’t have the tanooki suit to float like I did, I might still be stuck in the game. Also the whole time I played…was in 3D. the game did just a fantastic job of using the 3D technology. This is the Nintendo 3DS’ killer app. 

In a few days, Mario kart 7 is going to be available in more 3D glory. I’m so excited for this mostly because while the Wii one was good, it was a slight disappointment. Between the hang glider for karts, new tracks, and my first 3DS online game, this is guanteed to blow my mind.

The only thing that could make me geek out even more is a Smash Brothers game for the 3DS.

Year of the Playstation

There was a time when the Playstation 3 and I did not get along. It was obnoxiously expensive, had zero games worth playing, and seemed miles behind the Xbox 360 on what it could do. Five years later and everything has changed.

Let me for a moment point out all the Playstation exclusives that I have played this year: Little Big Planet 2, God of War origins, Infamous 2, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Socom 4, and DC Universe. And that’s just what I’ve played. There has also been Killzone 3, Rachet and Clank all for one, Sly Cooper collection, Ico Collection, Motor Storm Apocalypse, and Yakuza 4. There are some more such as Network titles and some lesser known series as well.

That’s a lot of exclusives.

Let me tell you what Xbox had this year: Gears of War 3, Halo anniversary, and Forza 4. Plus some lesser known stuff.

That’s a big difference. Not even Nintendo had the exclusive power compared to the Playstation this Year. Not only that but the network in General is stronger (thanks to April’s hack) 3rd party games tend to be exact if not slightly better on Playstation, and 3rd parties are starting to bundle exclusive content in their games on Playstation. Online play is still free to do, the only thing I’m jealous that Xbox still has is party chat….but I don’t like talking to more than one person usually anyway, so it’s a mute point now.

Overall I think more people will agree then not that this was really Sony’s year. Even after being hacked in April the company still managed to move on and impress. As odd as it is to say now. Playstation 3 is my primary console.