Netflix now on 3DS

Netflix is now officially available on your Nintendo 3DS. It’ll be awesome to see what they decide to put available using 3D in the future. As for me, I’ll wait for a red one before I buy.


Guardian Heroes HD remake

Screenshot of Guardian Heroes HD

If you owned a Sega Saturn in the mid to late nineties then you are probably all too familiar with a game regarded as one of the best titles the Saturn had to offer, Guardian Heroes. Developed by the gaming gods at Treasure, Guardian Heroes is regarded by fans of the Beat-em-up genre as the pinnacle of side scrolling fighters. Still a little iffy on its impact on the genre? Well you need look no further than a little game called Castle Crashers. What you may not be familiar with is the fact that Sega has announced an HD remake coming late this Summer to the Xbox live Arcade. WHAT?!?…..Really?  Yeah my reaction was a mix of both elation and it’s about damn time! If any game still stands up today as it did 15 years ago and is well suited for multiplayer online it’s definitely Guardian Heroes, and some of the initial details indicates that versus mode will support up to 12 players in a knock-out drag-out free for all. Obviously as more details arise I will keep you guys up to speed on any new developments and I am more than pysched for this game’s release. As of yet no plans have been laid out for a PS3 release but only time will tell. Game on gamerz!

Socom 4 Party System Update

Just an Update to fans of Socom 4. A new patch is available as of now. We’ve listed the changes below but the most asked for and

greatest update Zipper added is a party system function. Sure it should of been there as of release, but hey, at least they did get to it. Better late than never.

Gameplay- Added “Party” system to primary multiplayer interface which allows players to invite other users to play with them in a persistent group until disbanded (up to 16 total players)
– Fixed bug that sometimes prevented Bomb Squad and Uplink matches to end properly despite one team winning the required number of rounds
– Players who do not have SOCOM Pro can now “Scavenge” Pro-associated weapons on the battlefield for a limited time use (does not unlock them permanently)

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SplatterHouse advertisement

I had to share this as once I realized I had this picture saved on my computer. I apologize if it’s a little hard to read but if you’re slightly familiar with the story then it’s pretty much self-explanatory. Pictured above is an advertisement primarily published in comic books in the early 90’s advertising SplatterHouse for the TurboGrafx 16. I love the reboot but this advertisement is quite laughable by today’s standards. I however love nostalgia so enjoy, Game on gamerz!

Red Dead Revolver HD Remake, PLEASE!!!!

Red Harlow: The Legend

After playing Red Dead Redemption online the other night with Koopa I started feeling nostalgic for the original title and thought that with all the remakes currently out why not a remake for Red Dead Revolver? If you’re not familiar with the aforementioned title don’t feel too bad most gamers weren’t aware of its existence prior to the release of Redemption.

Red Dead Revolver is a third person action shooter which pays homage to the “spaghetti westerns” made popular by Sergio Leone in the mid to late 60’s. The title even used a “grainy film effect” to produce its grindhouse style looks. The project for the game began with Capcom who at the time were trying to produce an American Western akin to Gun Smoke (not to be confused with the television series that ran on CBS from 1955 to 1975)  a top-down shooter from their arcade and NES days similar to another title in their library called Commando. Subsequently however they dropped the project in 2002 and RockStar bought the rights expanding on the idea with a higher level of violence and more interesting if not over the top cast of characters. Music composed by Ennio Morricone originally for Leone’s western films was also used in production and gave the game a level of familiarity further adding to the overall  mood of the title.

For a franchise whose initial installment was at best a “sleeper hit” it came as quite a surprise and remarkable achievement for the sequel to have received Game of The Year from various web sites and publications in addition to all the critical acclaim it garnered. So one would think with the level of success that Redemption received a remake of the first outing  just seems like common sense, especially for those gamers not familiar with Red Dead Revolver. I mean look at some of the other remakes like the Prince of Persia trilogy, Tomb Raider collection or even the Sly Cooper collection that were put on the market. Most were fun and innovative in their time but was there an outcry for such collections? Prince of Persia was acceptable at best with a bevy of gold and silver trophies to earn for those players who trophy hunt. With Tomb Raider can anyone honestly say that there is even one title in that collection worth playing? Sly however was amongst the best of these collections and I personally was introduced to a series that is fun and has me looking forward to the fourth installment. The most recent of HD remakes available through both Xbox Live Arcade and the PSN Store was Beyond Good & Evil another criminally under appreciated gem of a game. So again I say, “How about some love for Red Dead Revolver”. All I ask for is an update to the graphics for a look similar to Redemption, improvement over the core gameplay again similar to those found in the sequel and a more in-depth online multiplayer experience. Most important keep it reasonably priced and available on both the 360 and PS3. So what do you guys think? Give me your thoughts and suggestions. Game on gamerz!

Marketplace info for the month of July

Hey guys I stumbled up some info about the games and deals coming to the xbox 360 mp this month.

Games:  Summer of Arcade kick off

7-13: Ms. ‘Splosion Man (800 mp)

Warhammer: 40,000: Kill Team (800 mp)

Boulder Dash-XL (800 mp)

7-20: Bastion (1200 mp)

Add Ons:

7-12: L.A. Noire Reefer Madness Vice Case (320 mp)

7-19: Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues (800 mp)

Mortal Kombat “Rain” (400 mp)

Carnival Games Coasterama Pack (400 mp)

Dance Central Add Ons:

7-19: Taio Cruz “Break Your Heart” (240 mp)

Trey Songz “Say Aah” (240 mp)

Afrika Bambaataa and Soulsonic Force “Planet Rock” (240 mp)

Deals of the Week:

7-12- 7-18: Undead Nightmare Collection (Rockstar Games) (1000 mp)

Dead Rising 2: Case West  (400 mp)

Left 4 Dead 2 The Passing (280 mp)

Stubbs the Zombie (800 mp)

7-19- 7-25;  Grand Theft Auto IV Ballad of Gay Tony (800 mp)

Grand Theft Auto IV The Lost and Damned (400 mp)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (800 mp)


Tron:Evolution multiplayer. Banned?!?

I had to post this up and RAGE 😡 a bit about the multiplayer in Tron: Evolution. Let me say that the game is incredible as it expands upon the universe of Tron and I will cover it more in depth in a forthcoming review. With that said my main gripe is that some of the  players out there are a bunch of F&*$!@^ whiney ass losers. Why you ask? Mainly because they can’t stand to lose. I was recently playing an online match (Light Disc Combat) and after three or so matches dominating with my team I was banned from playing further matches. Banned…….banned?

Yep that’s exactly what happened much to my surprise. The team I joined were losing quite a bit and when I came in I brought the momentum up and my team started winning. Im not trying to boast or blog about how great I am I was just having a few good matches. Then after the third match we sat in the multiplayer screen for five minutes or so waiting for the host to start and suddenly I was booted from play. From what I was able to gather the opposing team didn’t like the fact that they were no longer dominating the matches against our team and because of my presence they decided to ban me from play. The move to ban me was completely and utterly pathetic and says a lot about their character and sense of  sportsmanship. Folks let’s remember that it’s a game and as such there are winners and losers. As a host one can determine who they let play, what kind of matches will be played and even the map to be played on but if they are the type of player or players who don’t like to lose then play matches with your friends on the private setting and not public. This really pisses me off because it took at least another ten minutes before I could find another room to play in. To those players I say go F*&% yourselves!!! You know who you are and as I said to you online you can have your gay little fight club. Let the real players play online and don’t ruin the experience for the rest of us who want to play, have a good time and immerse ourselves in the world of Tron. Game on gamerz!