First gaming news from Comicon

So, upon reading up on some of the comicon news today I stumbled upon 2 tadbits.  A) Activision is porting the Wii version of Golden Eye 007 over to the PS3 and 360! On another note, Capcom announces Ultimate Marvel us Capcom 3 they added 12 new characters and they have been apparently leaked.  If you don’t want to know please click back now .  Ok everyone back?  They are representing Marvel….Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Dr. Strange, Nova, Iron Fist, and Rocket Raccoon!  Representing the ol Capcom…….Firebrand (Ghosts ‘n Goblins), Strider, The Nemesis (Resident Evil 3), Frank West (Dead Rising, He has covered wars ya know?), and Phoenix  Wright (Heck yeah!!!!)  007 I couldn’t find a release date for.  UMvC3 slated for a November release and also Dead Rising 2: Case West has an October 11th release.  More on this as I find information on it.


2 responses to “First gaming news from Comicon

  1. It looks like it will be a port of the Wii version which sounds amazing. Also for all the Mortal Kombat players, the “Master Of Nightmares” Freddy Krugar was announced today as the 4th dlc for Mortal Kombat. Check it out here.

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