Guardian Heroes HD remake

Screenshot of Guardian Heroes HD

If you owned a Sega Saturn in the mid to late nineties then you are probably all too familiar with a game regarded as one of the best titles the Saturn had to offer, Guardian Heroes. Developed by the gaming gods at Treasure, Guardian Heroes is regarded by fans of the Beat-em-up genre as the pinnacle of side scrolling fighters. Still a little iffy on its impact on the genre? Well you need look no further than a little game called Castle Crashers. What you may not be familiar with is the fact that Sega has announced an HD remake coming late this Summer to the Xbox live Arcade. WHAT?!?…..Really?  Yeah my reaction was a mix of both elation and it’s about damn time! If any game still stands up today as it did 15 years ago and is well suited for multiplayer online it’s definitely Guardian Heroes, and some of the initial details indicates that versus mode will support up to 12 players in a knock-out drag-out free for all. Obviously as more details arise I will keep you guys up to speed on any new developments and I am more than pysched for this game’s release. As of yet no plans have been laid out for a PS3 release but only time will tell. Game on gamerz!


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